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The People's Law School

This series will provide practical information about a range of issues
including such topics as the Fourth Amendment, representing yourself in small claims court, tenant rights, understanding eligibility for benefits, and family law.
The People’s Law School is a partnership of Attorney General T.J. Donovan, the Association of Africans Living in  Vermont (AALV), the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance and VICII.  The People’s Law School is also supported by ACLU of Vermont and The Caroline Fund, which offers a fund for women and  their families in emergency situations and free legal advice to anyone seeking guidance.

The full schedule of The People's Law School presentations is as follows:

(find recordings of previously held presentations on this page)


April 2021

• April 7: The Fourth Amendment – Understanding Your Rights When Stopped by The Police

with VT Attorney General T.J. Donovan

• April 21: Earth Day and the Environment

with Laura Murphy, Thea Schwartz & Justin Kolber from the Attorney General's Office. 

May 2021

• May 5: Small Claims Court (Pro Se Litigation)

Presenters will include Ted Hobson of the Attorney General’s Office, Jean Murray of Vermont Legal Aid, and attorney Tom Nuovo, who frequently serves as a Small Claims Court judge. Small claims is supposed to be the user-friendly court. This session will help people learn how to navigate the Small Claims Court system, including preparing, filing, negotiating and trying a case, and learn about defending a creditor claim in Small Claims Court.  The three presenters, who are experienced lawyers, will take us through the steps of preparing & presenting a case in Small Claims Court.

• May 12: Residential Rental Agreements

• May 19: Understanding Benefits & Eligibility—SNAP, Medicaid, General Assistance

June 2021

• June 2: Consumer Protection 101

• June 16: Understanding State Government

• June 30: Employment Law 101

July 2021

• July 14: Family Law 101

• July 21: Understanding Your First Amendment Rights

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