Previously Recorded Discussions


Town Meeting TV

Policing an American City, Summer 2021- 6/3/21

with Acting Burlington Chief of Police Jon Murad

Understanding Benefits & Eligibility - SNAP, Medicaid, General Assistance - 5/19/21

A People's Law School Event - with Bessie Weiss from the Attorney General's Office

The Supreme Court - Packing/Expansion?- 5/13/21

VICII Community Issues Forum​

UVM "Gathering to Express Support and Solidarity with the Faculty, Staff, and Students of the University of Vermont" - 5/12/21

Residential Rental Agreements - 5/6/21

A People's Law School presentation with Superior Court Judge Helen Toor, Jean Murray of Vermont Legal Aid, Angela Zaikowski of the Vermont Landlord’s Association, and Christopher Curtis of the Attorney General's Office

Small Claims Court (Pro Se Litigation) - 5/5/21

A People's Law School presentation

VICII: Earth Day and the Environment - 4/21/21

A People's Law School presentation

VICII: Spanish-American War & Manifest Destiny Part 2-1898: From Republic to Empire - Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii & Philippines- 4/14/21

with Sandy Baird, Armando Vilaseca, Jorge Rodriquez & Grant Crichfield 

VICII: The 4th Amendment - Understanding Your Rights When Stopped by The Police"- 4/7/21

 A People's Law School presentation with Attorney General T.J. Donovan

VICII: What's Happening at UVM - 3/31/21

Sen. Philip Baruth and Meaghan Emery

VICII: The Heritage of American Liberty - The Bill of Rights - 3/24/21

Sandy baird & Kurt Mehta

VICII: Brexit - UK, Scotland, Ireland & Europe - 3/17/21

Graham Clarke, teacher, principal & Irish-American activist


VICII: Reconstruction of the United States from 1865-1877: The 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments - 3/10/21

Sandy Baird and Kurt Mehta


VICII: Town Meeting Day Reflections - 3/3/21

Sandy Baird


VICII: China - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - 2/25/21

Andrew Buchanan, Professor, UVM History Department


VICII: Sister City Diplomacy & US Foreign Policy: Nicaragua and Venezuela- 2/17/2021

Peter Lackowski, Dan Higgins and Peter Clavelle


VICII: Bethlehem-Arad Sister City - 2/10/2021

Mousa Ishaq, President, Burlington-Bethlehem-Arad Sister City Program.

VICII: Impeachment - The Consequences of Trying a Past President - 2/3/2021

Jared Carter

VICII: Immigration in the Biden Administration: What are the Expectations - 1/27/2021

Kurt Mehta, Esq.

VICII: Burlington Mayoral Forum - 1/21/2021

The participating candidates are, City Councilor Ali Dieng, City Council President Max Tracy, Mayor Miro Weinberger, and Patrick White, mayoral candidate.

VICII: Coming into Force: Enforcement of the UN Nuclear Ban - 1/13/2021

John Ruewer

VICII: Can the U.S. Continue to Print Money? - 1/06/2021

Jane Knodell, Economics Professor at UVM

VICII: The Original Sin of the American Republic - The Institutional Racism of the Electoral College  -  12/03/2020

Jared Carter, Vermont Law School


VICII: The Influence of DCF in the Family Lives of Vermonters  -  11/18/2020

Ted Kenney, Chief of the Human Services Legal Division, VT Office of the Attorney General


VICII: What are Your Rights When Stopped and Questioned by the Police  -  10/28/2020

Julio Thompson, Director of the Civil Rights Unit of the VT Office of the Attorney General


VICII: Do We Need to Eliminate Cash Bail?  - 10/22/2020

Sarah George, Vermont State's Attorney discusses her reasons to end requests for eliminating bail in Chittenden County


VICII: The United States Supreme Court - The Least Understood Branch of Our Government with the Most Power to Shape Our Lives  -  10/14/2020

Benjamin Battles, Solicitor General


VICII: The Erasure of History - Statue Toppling in the New World Order - --08/03/2020

A discussion of the recent toppling of statues around the country, as well as of the decision to paint over Sam Kerson's mural at the Vermont Law School.


VICII: The Constitution, The Economy, and The Pandemic  -  04/22/2020

Jared Carter, Esq.  


VICII: India - Past and Present  -  04/01/2020

Kurt Mehta, Esq.


VICII: Haiti - The Longest Revolution & Counter-Revolution of the Americas - 03/04/2020

Robin Lloyd, peace activist & filmmaker of “Black Dawn,” animated film of the Haitian Revolution


VICI: The Origins of the Electoral College & Its Racist Evolution - No Way to Elect a President  -  01/08/2020 

(Roz Payne Memorial Race & Racism Series)

Sandy Baird, Esq., lawyer and former Burlington College instructor


VICII: A Woman's Right to Health Care in Vermont & the U.S. in 2020  -  02/05/2020

Sandy Baird, Esq., a founder of VT Women's Health Center & Jill Krowinsky, VT State Rep. - Burlington


VICII: Sister Cities - Citizen Diplomacy and the Creation of a Foreign Policy of Neighborly Cities  -  12/11/2019

Sandy Baird, Esq.: Mousa Ishaq - Chair Burlington/Bethlehem/Arad Sister City Program;

Dan Higgins - Chair Puerta Cabezas/Bilwi/Nicaragua/Yaroslaval, Russia/Honfleur, France Sister City Program


VICII: The Coalition for a Livable City - Burlington United, Political Solutions - 10/16/2019

Tony Reddington, Andy Simon, and Barbara McGrew, founding members of the Coalition of Livable Cities


VICII: The F-35s - Local Noise and Nukes  - 10/30/2019

Lucy Gluck and Robin Lloyd; Peace, Anti-Nuke and Anti-War Activists


VICII: Activism Works! The Violence of Free Trade and How Vermont's Farm Workers Fight Back  -  10/22/2019

Dawn Marie Paley, Abel Luna, Jose Cordoba, moderated by Shay Totten


VICII: Burlington Telecom - The Promise and the Reality  -  09/18/2019

Dean Corren, Solveig Overby, Sandy Baird & Steve Goodkind - plaintiffs in the case to Keep Burlington Telecom Public and Local