SEPT. 2019 – DEC. 2020



VICII: The Original Sin of the American Republic - The Institutional Racism of the Electoral College  -  12/03/2020

Jared Carter, Vermont Law School


VICII: The Influence of DCF in the Family Lives of Vermonters  -  11/18/2020

Ted Kenney, Chief of the Human Services Legal Division, VT Office of the Attorney General


VICII: What are Your Rights When Stopped and Questioned by the Police  -  10/28/2020

Julio Thompson, Director of the Civil Rights Unit of the VT Office of the Attorney General


VICII: Do We Need to Eliminate Cash Bail?  - 10/22/2020

Sarah George, Vermont State's Attorney discusses her reasons to end requests for eliminating bail in Chittenden County


VICII: The United States Supreme Court - The Least Understood Branch of Our Government with the Most Power to Shape Our Lives  -  10/14/2020

Benjamin Battles, Solicitor General


VICII: The Erasure of History - Statue Toppling in the New World Order - --08/03/2020

A discussion of the recent toppling of statues around the country, as well as of the decision to paint over Sam Kerson's mural at the Vermont Law School.


VICII: The Constitution, The Economy, and The Pandemic  -  04/22/2020

Jared Carter, Esq.  


VICII: India - Past and Present  -  04/01/2020

Kurt Mehta, Esq.


VICII: Haiti - The Longest Revolution & Counter-Revolution of the Americas - 03/04/2020

Robin Lloyd, peace activist & filmmaker of “Black Dawn,” animated film of the Haitian Revolution


VICI: The Origins of the Electoral College & Its Racist Evolution - No Way to Elect a President  -  01/08/2020 

(Roz Payne Memorial Race & Racism Series)

Sandy Baird, Esq., lawyer and former Burlington College instructor


VICII: A Woman's Right to Health Care in Vermont & the U.S. in 2020  -  02/05/2020

Sandy Baird, Esq., a founder of VT Women's Health Center & Jill Krowinsky, VT State Rep. - Burlington


VICII: Sister Cities - Citizen Diplomacy and the Creation of a Foreign Policy of Neighborly Cities  -  12/11/2019

Sandy Baird, Esq.: Mousa Ishaq - Chair Burlington/Bethlehem/Arad Sister City Program;

Dan Higgins - Chair Puerta Cabezas/Bilwi/Nicaragua/Yaroslaval, Russia/Honfleur, France Sister City Program


VICII: The Coalition for a Livable City - Burlington United, Political Solutions - 10/16/2019

Tony Reddington, Andy Simon, and Barbara McGrew, founding members of the Coalition of Livable Cities


VICII: The F-35s - Local Noise and Nukes  - 10/30/2019

Lucy Gluck and Robin Lloyd; Peace, Anti-Nuke and Anti-War Activists


VICII: Activism Works! The Violence of Free Trade and How Vermont's Farm Workers Fight Back  -  10/22/2019

Dawn Marie Paley, Abel Luna, Jose Cordoba, moderated by Shay Totten


VICII: Burlington Telecom - The Promise and the Reality  -  09/18/2019

Dean Corren, Solveig Overby, Sandy Baird & Steve Goodkind - plaintiffs in the case to Keep Burlington Telecom Public and Local


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