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Higher education is broken in the United States.  Students are driven into debt or unable to attend because of six figure costs.  VICCI believes the solution is not more of the same but to create and open and alternative model for post-secondary education.  Our goal is ZERO debt.

Our Financial Model: Students can participate in two financial tracks that avoid debt and promote self-governance. 

Track 1: Students become members of VICCI’s educational co-operative.  By paying an annual membership fee, students are not just students, they are members of this mission driven institution.  This entitles them to participation in decision making and governance, employment counseling, as well as post-graduate benefits such as free or reduced participation in VICCI events.  Under this track, depending on the program of study membership is $2000-$3000 per year and entitles you to take a full course load each year.

Track 2: Students pay per course.  Depending on the course, costs range from $500-$1750.

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